XMLFlow uses DeltaXML's Dita Merge for collating all document changes.


XMLFlow is a web app for merging up to 6 concurrently edited DITA files back into a single coherent document,

Using XMLFlow:

  • To start, click the button below - there's no registration
  • Use on IPad tablets, notebook or personal computers.
  • Get DITA-aware comparison and merge results.
  • Review concurrent edits highlighted in a single document.
  • Load files with drag and drop or upload from the cloud.
  • Discover the type and origin of all changes.
  • View tag paths and normally hidden contents.
  • Manage changes within the document or list views.
  • View and work with attribute changes.
  • Accept or reject each change with a single action.
  • Store and retrieve the 'working merge' at any time.
  • Convert a completed working merge back to valid DITA.

Start XMLFlow

Short demonstration video of XMLFlow