About XMLFlow

XMLFlow is an experimental project being personally developed by myself, Phil Fearon, it was first presented in a paper at the Balisage 2014 Conference. This app has been developed with the knowledge and assistance from my employer, DeltaXML who supply the DITA Merge component that this app exploits at the back end.


I will try to answer all reasonable support requests for this part-time project, so please get in touch if you have any issues or feature requests.


  • Only the following DITA types are supported: Topic, Task, Concept and Reference.
  • The rendering of the DITA document is only a rough WYSYWIG view:
    • Line spacing is adjusted to leave room for block element detail
    • For ordered lists, bullets are used in place of line numbers
    • References to resources are rendered literally, they are not resolved
    • Tables are shown with no style adjustments for cell dimensions or spanning
    • Only the more common DITA elements have representative styling.
  • A maximum of 6 documents - plus the common ancestor - may be merged.
  • The IPad is the only mobile device that is supported.
  • There are known issues using XMLFlow in the FireFox browser
  • Performance of the remote merge operation is quite slow - a web hosting constraint.